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Meet The Founder

Annabelle Buttery

Founder of AB Performance Nutrition | Co-founder Fuel & Flow Co


Accredited Sports Nutritionist, Exercise Scientist

and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Annabelle (Belle), spent her childhood playing and competing in a wide range of sports; gymnastics, tennis, netball, triathlon, surf life saving and swimming to name a few! Competing at a high level across a number of these sports seeded her passion for exercise science, which ultimately led her down the path of coaching in the fields of exercise and nutrition. 

Belle studied at the University of South Australia, completing a double degree with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and Nutrition and Food Sciences. In her 4th year, Belle was awarded an internship at the Adelaide Crows Football Club, experiencing an elite sporting environment and working specifically with the Crows AFLW team. In 2019 and 2022 she was lucky enough to be a part of a premiership winning team, as she took on the role as the clubs AFLW Sports Nutritionist, which allowed her to work closely with elite level female athletes, a population she wishes to pursue working closely with in her career.


Early on in her journey Belle met Sean Baker, owner of the PEAQ Performance Centre in Port Adelaide and under his guidance and mentoring, began her own journey as a coach which ultimately led to the creation of AB Performance Nutrition; a space where she empowers athletes and active individuals to fuel their bodies for health and performance in sport, exercise and life in general. Belle strongly believes that to optimise your health and performance, whether that be in sport or in everyday life, taking a balanced and evidence based dietary approach is key to long term success.  Long term sustainable lifestyle changes is the goal for her wide range of clientele, definitely not the latest 'fad' diet or any quick fix. 

It is no surprise Belle loves the beach! She also loves spending time outdoors, travelling the world and dining out at delicious restaurants with her fiance Jed. She is no Masterchef but her cooking skills sure have come a long way! In between running a nutrition business, she finds time to train herself. As of late she has found a love for strength training and has rediscovered her love for open water swimming. 

Qualifications & Memberships:

  • Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science

  • Bachelor in Nutrition and Food Sciences

  • Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition 

  • Level 1 ASCA Strength and Conditioning 

  • NSA member

  • SNA member 


Special interests:

  • Sports & Performance Nutrition

  • Nutrition for everyday exercisers

  • Working with female athletes

  • Optimising body composition


Meet The Team

Aleesha Robertson

Dietitian, Exercise Scientist

Aleesha grew up in the country town of Horsham, where her passion for sports was ignited through participation in sports, including netball, tennis, gymnastics, and long-distance running. She is still heavily into her distance running, where she enjoys competing in track and road running events. Her curiosity about nutrition sparked early on, where she was driven to understand how dietary choices impacted her athletic performance. When she moved to Adelaide 8 years ago, she completed her certificate III and IV in fitness. While continuing to work as a fitness trainer she completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Exercise Science before recently finishing her Master's in Nutrition and Dietetics at Flinders University. Her journey has allowed her to combine her love for sports and fitness with a deep understanding of nutrition. Whether you're striving to enhance sports performance or simply seeking to support your overall well-being, Aleesha is dedicated to helping you fuel your body optimally!

Qualifications & Memberships:

  • Bachelor Nutrition and Exercise Science

  • Masters Nutrition and Dietetics 

  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness 

  • Level 1 ASCA 

  • Dietitian’s Association of Australia  

  • Accredited Practicing Dietitian 

  • Sports Dietitian Australia

Special interests:

  • Sports nutrition

  • Healthy eating advice 

  • Chronic conditions

  • Weight management 

Meet The Team

Tayla Williams

Sports Nutritionist, Exercise Scientist

Tayla grew up on a farm in country south Australia, about 2 hours north of Adealide. She spent her free time participating in numerous sports, with calisthenics and basketball her chosen sports from an early age. She quickly became involved in any sport she was allowed to; ranging from netball to basketball, tennis softball or touch rugby and spent a lot of her time on the river involved in all watersports! From the age of 15 Tayla had to select just the one sport where she chose netball, which quickly took up most of her time outside of school. 


Tayla has been involved with South Australian underage netball teams, winning 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal. She has been part of the Australian Centre of Excellence squads as well as the U21 Youth World Cup squad, and more recently the Australian Fast 5 squad. Tayla has been in the Adelaide Thunderbirds squad for 5 years now and most recently became a premiership player in 2023. These opportunities have provided her with experiences and knowledge that she is keen to pass on. 


In her spare time Tayla loves trialling new brunch places and is a big coffee lover! She often likes spending her spare time relaxing or catching up with family and friends. Tayla loves keeping fit and her favourite type of training is definitely strength focused, although she is finding a love for cross training at the moment! 


Taylas passion for sports from an early age ultimately led her to follow a career in the field. Tayla chose to study at the University of South Australia where she completed a double degree with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science and Nutrition and Food Sciences. In her final year of study Tayla completed her internship with the Adelaide Crows Football Club AFLW team, where she first met Belle! Tayla finished her University degrees at the end of 2022 and soon began working with Belle after this. 


With Taylas personal involvement in elite netball, it has inspired her to share her knowledge and experience with aspiring athletes and the general population. After meeting Belle, Tayla quickly worked out they share at lot of the same principles they want to pass onto their clients. Creating healthy habits that are sustainable and enjoyable long term, rather than looking for a quick fix that cant be maintained. 

Qualifications & Memberships:

  • Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science

  • Bachelor in Nutrition and Food Sciences

  • Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition 

Special interests:

  • Young female athlete health

  • General population

  • Optimising body composition


Meet The Team

Zoe Hall

AB Performance Nutrition content creator & nutrition assistant

From a young age Zoe had a keen interest in sport. Throughout school she participated in various sports including hockey, tennis, rowing, and cross-country running.  Zoe’s interest in nutrition came later on, once she had commenced her studies at university. Despite completing a double degree in law and media at university and obtaining work in private law shortly after graduating, Zoe decided her true interest was in nutrition and sport performance. It was at this point that Zoe undertook her Certificate IV in Nutrition and Certificate III in Fitness and took up a casual job at her local gym (whilst continuing to work full-time in law). After completing her accreditations in Fitness and Nutrition, Zoe began working for AB Performance Nutrition. While she continues to work full-time in law, she spends a few hours a week assisting Belle with her business. Eventually, Zoe hopes to pursue further accreditation specific to Sports Nutrition and increase her hours at AB Performance Nutrition.


Zoe’s main interest is on fuelling for optimal athletic performance whilst taking into account both the physical demands of training and other factors such as how sleep, hormones and other day-to-day exogenous stressors impact performance and recovery.


In her own time, Zoe enjoys resistance and endurance training, particularly long-distance running. She recently completed her first half marathon in the Barossa and, now that she has a taste for it, hopes to compete in many more half marathons (and maybe one day marathons) across the country. Outside of work and training, Zoe enjoys listening to music, playing guitar, travelling, reading, and spending time outdoors.

Qualifications & Memberships:


  • Bachelor of Law

  • Bachelor of Media (Journalism

  • Certificate III in Fitness

  • Certificate IV in Nutrition

Special interests:

  • Performance nutrition

  • Hormone health and female-specific nutrition

  • Balancing endurance and strength/resistance training

  • Recovery protocols

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