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A generic detailed female fat loss meal plan (1600 calories/day on average).

A high protein, low energy meal plan for lightly active females, wishing to pursue fat loss! 


Key Inclusions:

  • Weekly menu plan (Mon-Sun) 
  • 19 Nutritionist-approved healthy balanced recipes with complete nutritional breakdown
  • Vegan, vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free recipes included
  • Autogenerated shopping list in accordance with menu plan
  • Downloadable meal planner with calorie/macronutrient tracker and autogenerated shopping list (sent to you upon purchase)
  • Healthy low energy snack sheets & tips for optimal fat loss
  • Plate model resource



Energy requirements are different for everyone depending on many factors such as age, daily activity, health status, height & weight. This is a generic fat loss meal plan for a healthy female (Weight = 71kg, Height = 162cm, Age = 30 years) who is lightly active (completing 1-3 exercise sessions per week, around 30-45 minutes per session). 


This meal plan is not suitable for anyone with a food allergy, any gastrointestinal issues, any disease/condition or an eating disorder. If you have any medical issues, please seek advice from a medical practitioner before commencing this fat loss meal plan. This plan was created by a qualified sports nutritionist and should only be used by the general healthy population. For personalised nutrition advice, please see our contact details at the bottom of this meal plan. 


Generic Lightly Active Female Fat Loss Meal Plan (1600 calories)

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