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"Fuelling your performance..whether that's performance in sport,  exercise, work or just everyday life."

AB Performance Nutrition

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'Empowering active individuals to fuel for optimal health & performance'

Meet our coaches

Accredited Sports Nutritionists & Exercise Scientists

Our Mission


"To provide unique and elite services that empower active individuals to fuel their bodies for optimal health & performance in sport and in everyday life.  Our aim is to encourage long term healthy lifestyle changes by using balanced, sustainable and evidence based dietary approaches".



AB Performance Nutrition offers a unique range of services that promote long term health & performance.  Whether you’re an elite athlete,  weekend warrior or simply want to improve your overall health and wellbeing,  AB Performance Nutrition offers services that will support you to perform at your best,  whether thats in sport, work or just everyday life! 

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Individual Nutrition Support

+ Subscriptions
+ Packages
+ Programs


High School Nutrition Services 

+ Yearly package
+ Half yearly package

+ Term only package

+ Sports nutrition cooking workshops


Sports Nutrition Seminars

+ 60 minute seminars
+ 90 minute seminars
+ 120 minute seminars

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Strength & Conditioning

+ Individual coaching

+ Small group training

+ Online programming

Client Testimonials

Kaylah E.

Belle goes above and beyond for each client, she is supportive, and brings such positive and energetic energy, which makes you want to succeed.

Sam F.

Shout out to Belle for educating me on how to eat appropriately to improve my health goals long term.  The last 8 weeks has allowed me to take a non restrictive dietary approach and gain a better understanding of macro and micronutrients,  which has led me to feel fuller for longer and provided me with plenty of energy throughout the day.  Her meal guide was really easy to follow and helped with accountability,  being consistent and staying on track.  I am starting to feel like my old self.

Szahara N.

Belle has helped me heal my relationship with food,  I'm not afraid to eat certain foods anymore and I now eat more than I ever have.

I feel more energised throughout my day and find I have much more strength throughout my training sessions.